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UCLA Applied Math predictive policing model highlighted by the National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation "Science 360" News features a video about algorithms for predicting crime - developed and studied by a team at UCLA including former postdoc George Mohler, Professor Andrea Bertozzi, and UCLA Anthropologist Jeff Brantingham. Captain Dominic Choi of the Pacific Division of the Los Angeles Police Department talks about the success of this method for allocating police resources. The video was inspired by Capt. Choi's presentation at the NSF Arc of Science event in February.

This summer our California Research Training Program will feature an undergraduate team working with Capt. Choi and the Pacific Division.  The undergraduates will be supported by a new National Science Foundation REU Site on Mathematical Modeling, led by Prof. Marcus Roper and involving Profs. Bertozzi and Brantingham.