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Simons Foundation Awards Two Postdoctoral Fellowships to UCLA Math

The Simons Foundation has chosen UCLA Math to host two prestigious Simons Postdoctoral Fellows in mathematics as part of its new program to provide 68 postdoctoral positions in the fields of mathematics, theoretical physics and theoretical computer science. The department fellowships are three-year positions with the first fellow to be appointed in the fall of 2010 and a second fellow to be appointed in the fall of 2011. UCLA Math was selected by a committee of distinguished scientists for its dynamic research environment that meets the foundation’s goal of providing the best possible postdoctoral training to a group of the strongest graduating PhDs. Fellowships will be granted to exceptional candidates who receive their PhD in the academic year preceding the year in which they would become fellows. More information and application details about the Simons Postdoctoral Fellowship program at UCLA is available at www.mathjobs.org.

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