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Professor Raphaël Rouquier Receives Prestigious Simons Investigator Award

Raphaël Rouquier

Each year, the Simons Foundation invites nominations from universities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for the Simons Investigators in Mathematics, Physics, Theoretical Computer Science and the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems (MMLS) programs. Simons Investigators are outstanding theoretical scientists who receive long-term research support from the Simons Foundation. 

This year UCLA Mathematics Professor, Raphael Rouquier, has been added to the list of 2015 awardees.




Raphaël Rouquier
University of California, Los Angeles

Raphaël Rouquier has initiated a new field in mathematics, ‘higher representation theory.’ He constructed novel categories of geometric and representation-theoretic interest and applied these to problems in the theory of finite groups, Lie theory, algebraic geometry and mathematical physics.