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Los Angeles Math Circle program flourishes, reaching over 300 students

2018 LAMC Instructors

Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC), a UCLA mathematics department K-12 enrichment program directed  by Olga Radko, opened its doors for the 11th year. Currently enrolling a record number of nearly 300 students taught by over 40 instructors (UCLA undergraduate and graduate students and faculty), the program attracts top students from the greater Los Angeles area, as well as Orange and Ventura counties. First day topics ranged from playing with ciphers for elementary school students to studying Gaussian integers and solving combinatorics problems on the chessboard for the high school groups. There are currently 14 groups in 8 different levels of the program, as well as 3 olympiad trainings for our most advanced students. The program meets weekly for a total of  30 meetings per school year. 

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