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UCLA Women in Math Mentorship Program

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Mission Statement

The aim of the Women in Math Mentorship Program (WIMMP) is to provide undergraduate women who are interested in or pursuing careers in mathematics with access to advising by current female graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Our goals include:


  • Building a sense of community for early career women in mathematics fields
  • Increasing the visibility of women in mathematics
  • Providing advice on the difficulties of navigating a mathematics career, with some specific focus on the challenges facing women as an underrepresented minority

Application Information

  • Quarterly mentorship dinner with department graduate students
  • Social events and opportunities to get to know graduate students and fellow female undergrads in the department
  • Opportunities for directed reading and seminar attendance guided by graduate students
  • Tips for applying to graduate school, conducting research in math, and access to information about outside opportunities for involvement in the math research community