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About Us

Women in Math (WIM) at the UCLA math department is an informal group of women graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and visitors.  We regularly hold lunches, dinners, and other social gatherings with the goal of fostering community and providing support for the women in the department. 

Distinguished Women in Math Lecture Series 

The Distinguished Women in Math Lecture Series features research talks by leading women mathematicians. During their time at UCLA, the speakers also meet with the Women in Math group to provide mentorship and build connections across the broader mathematical community. 

2018-2019 DWMLS Guests: Dinner & Networking Opportunities

            Dr. Eva Bayer - Nov 15th
            Dr. Nike Sun Thursday - Nov 29th
            Dr. Tianyi Zheng - Feb 14th
            Carola Bibiane-Schonleib - Feb 19th
            Dr. Nalini Joshi - May 2nd
            Dr. Yvonne Stokes - May 8th

2017-2018 DWMLS Speakers

            Prof Sujatha Ramdorai - Feb 8th

            Prof Julia Pevtsova - March 15th 

2016-2017 DWMLS Speakers

            Jill Pipher (Brown University)

            Lillian Pierce (Duke University)

2015-2016 DWMLS Speakers

            Ingrid Daubechies (Duke University): “Sparsity in Data Analysis and Computation”

            Raman Parimala (Emory University): “Quadratic Forms over Function Fields”

            Georgia Benkart (University of Wisconsin, Madison): “Walking on Graphs”  


Women in Math Mentorship Program 

The purpose of the Women in Math Mentorship Program is to facilitate connections between the undergraduate department and the graduate fellows. Aiming particularly at the female undergrads who lack connections and insider tips, we host quarterly dinner meetings with selected applicants to share tips to apply for graduate programs, our research experience in various different fields, and any topics brought to attention prior to our meetings. Apply now at https://ccle.ucla.edu/course/view/mathprogs?section=2 or email Stephanie Wang (srw@math.ucla.edu) for more information.


Other Activities and Events

Career Talk by Dr. Andrea Trevino, Director of Data Science and Engineering, League of Legends at Riot Games - May 28, 2019

Southern California Women in Mathematics Symposium

The 10th annual symposium for Women in Math in Southern California (WimSoCal) was held March 24, 2018 at Pepperdine University. The symposium included opportunities for graduate students to give talks and network with more senior women mathematicians in Southern California.         



Programs at UCLA:

Programs outside UCLA:


Contact Us

Contact uclawomeninmathematics@gmail.com for more information or to join the mailing list.