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Numerical Analysis

Basic Topics

Course material-Mathematics 151AB and 269A.


Interpolation and approximation: divided differences, Chebycheff systems, Lagrangian interpolation, splines; numerical differentiation and integration: elementary quadrature, Simpson's, Gauss's and Romberg's rules; solutions of nonlinear equations: Newton's method and its variations, estimate of rate of convergence; error analysis: methods of approximation of round-off errors and fixed and floating point arithmetic; numerical methods in Linear Algebra: Gaussian elimination, diagonalization of symmetric matrices, conditioning; numerical methods for ordinary differential equations; initial value problems, 2 point boundary value problems and eigenvalue problems; introduction to numerical methods for partial differential equations.

More Adavanced Topics

Course material- Mathematics 151 AB and 269ABC.
Difference methods for time dependent problems: stability, consistency, convergence, initial boundary value theory, and nonlinear problems; finite element methods; initial and boundary value problem, approximation theory, linear algebra considerations.

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References - More Advanced Topics

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