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General Policies & Regulations

This handbook provides information on departmental academic policies and requirements, also included is a synopsis of university regulations.


UCLA requires at least a B (3.0) grade point average in all courses taken on any UC campus during graduate status. If the GPA falls below 3.0, a student is placed on academic probation and can be subject to dismissal.

Enrollment/Normal Progress

Full-time enrollment is 12.0 units per quarter. Students on fellowships e.g., VIGRE, NSF and University Fellowships, etc., must enroll in 12.0 Students may enroll in less than 12.0 units if they are advanced to candidacy or have approval from the Graduate Vice Chair.

RAs and TAs must enroll in at least 12 units to receive full fee remissions. Math 375 and Math 495 are acceptable.

The Math Department does not have a part-time program. Graduate students who take less than a full load must obtain approval from the GVC and are responsible for meeting all departmental requirements according to schedule.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading

To receive a Satisfactory grade (S) students must do B or better work, if not, an Unsatisfactory (U) grade will be assigned. Students in good standing (3.0 GPA) may take one course per quarter on an S/U basis outside the major. Upon approval from the GVC, these courses may be applied to the MA and Ph.D. degrees and/or academic residency requirements.

Academic Residence

Master's students must complete at least three-quarters of academic residence in graduate status at the University of California, including at least two quarters at UCLA. Doctoral students must complete at least two years of academic residence in graduate status, including one year, ordinarily the second, in continuous residence. If the Master's degree was earned at UCLA, one year of the residence requirement may be applied towards the doctorate. Academic residence is defined as completing at least one course (4 units) of graduate or upper division work during a quarter.

Transfer Credit

Students may not receive credit for courses that were applied toward any previous degree, or for courses taken before the awarding of the bachelor's degree. The GVC determines transfer credit for Ph.D. students. Upon approval from the GVC, courses completed at other UC campuses may apply to the Master's degree, provided they were not used toward a previous degree. Students must have had graduate status and must have received a grade of B or above. Such courses may fill up to one-half the total course requirement, one-half the graduate course requirement, and one-third of the academic residence requirement.

Upon approval from the GVC, students may transfer a maximum of two courses (8 quarter units or 5 semester units) completed at institutions other than UC campuses. Students must have had graduate status and must have received a minimum grade of B or above. Such courses can only apply to the total course requirement.

With approval from the GVC, students may receive credit towards the MA degree for a maximum of three courses designated "XLC" from UCLA Extension with a grade of B or above.

TA Training

All graduate students who want to TA at UCLA are required to participate in university and departmental TA Training programs no later than the first quarter in which any TA work is done. In the department of mathematics both programs are offered only in the fall quarter. Therefore they must taken in the fall of any year in which a graduate students is going to be given TA work. Departmental TA Training requires attendance at a 2 day training session prior to the beginning of Fall quarter and participation and enrollment in Math 495, which meets weekly during the Fall. Students who have prior experience TAing at other universities are not exempted from this requirement. Students should consult the Graduate Advisor to sign up for departmental training.

International Students

Non-native English speaking international students must pass the UCLA TOP Exam to be eligible to TA. A student who gets a score of 7.1 or better on the TOP has completed all requirements and may TA. A student who gets a score in the interval [6.4, 7.0] may TA but is required to take an approved ESL course either before or during the first quarter of TA-ing.

Leaves of Absence

Students must be in good standing to request a leave of absence (LOA), and must meet with the GVC. If the LOA is approved, to receive a full refund on fees, the LOA must be filed with the Graduate Division prior to the beginning of the quarter (not to be confused with the beginning of instruction). The Graduate Division has final approval on the LOA. A LOA can be taken for 1-3 quarters at a time, for a total of 6 quarters. The granting of the leave of absence does not stop the clock for making satisfactory academic or qualifying exam progress. A leave of absence will result in the termination of any committed financial support. Waivers to these policies must be in writing by the GVC.

Dismissal & Appeal of Dismissal

Students who are not making satisfactory progress towards fulfilling all the requirements for the Master's or Ph.D. degree are subject to dismissal from the program. The GVC and Graduate Studies Committee make this decision and hear all appeals.