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Master of Arts Degree

The Department offers the M.A. degree in Mathematics under the comprehensive examination plan (no thesis).

Course Requirements

Students must complete an approved program of at least eleven courses with a grade of B or better. Courses must be letter-graded. At least eight courses must be graduate courses. A maximum of three may be approved upper division courses. Upper division honors courses; 110ABCH and 131ABCH are acceptable. Courses of a predominantly mathematica lnature may be used from outside departments with approval from the Graduate Vice-Chair. One 596 course may also be used with GVC approval.

Course Restrictions

Students cannot receive credit towards their M.A. degree for:

  • Undergraduate courses which are required for the B.S. degree in Mathematics at UCLA, namely Mathematics 110AB, 115A, 120A, 131AB, and 131AH (these courses can only be used to make-up deficiencies).
  • Upper division mathematics courses numbered 100 through 109.
  • Any 285 course without prior approval from the GVC.
  • Courses taken outside the department without approval from theGraduate Vice Chair.
  • Math 290 or 296 courses.
  • Math 375 or 495 courses.

If the following pairs of courses are taken during enrollment at the graduate level, only one course can apply towards the degree.

  • 110AH and 210A - Upper Division Algebra and Graduate Algebra.
  • 110BH and 210B - Upper Division Algebra and Graduate Algebra.
  • 132 and 246A - Complex Analysis for Applications and Complex Analysis.
  • 131BH and 245A - Measure and Integration and Real Analysis.
  • Foreign Language Requirement
  • Master's students do not need to satisfy a foreign language requirement.

Written Qualifying Exam

All students must pass the Basic Examination.

Time to Degree

Students should be able to complete the requirements for an M.A. degree within six quarters.

Satisfactory Progress

Satisfactory progress towards the Master's degree is defined as maintaining a 3.0 GPA and passing the Basic Examination by the beginning of the fourth quarter after entering the program.

Advancement to Candidacy

Students must file an Advancement to Candidacy form no later than the end of the second week of the quarter in which the degree is expected.

Transferring from the MA to the Ph.D program

If a student in the Master's program meets the requirements for satisfactory progress towards the Ph.D. degree, the student may petition to transfer to the Ph.D. program. Transfer to the Ph.D. program is not automatic, nor guaranteed.