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Graduate Handbook


Graduate Student Affairs Office

General Policies & Regulations

Scholarship, Enrollment/ Normal Progress, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading, Academic Residence, TA Training, Leaves of Absence, Dismissal and Appeal of Dismissal

Master of Arts Degree

Course Requirements, Course Restrictions, Foreign Language Requirement, Written Qualifying Exams, Time to Degree, Satisfactory Progress, Advancement to Candidacy, Earning the M.A. Degree on the way to the Ph.D. Degree

Ph.D. Degree

Course of Study, Course Requirements and Restrictions, Foreign Language Requirement, Time to Degree, Satisfactory Progress, Written Qualifying Exams, Oral Qualifying Examination (Advancement to Candidacy), Dissertation, Final Oral Examination

Qualifying Exams

Basic, Algebra, Analysis, Applied Differential Equations, Geometry/Topology, Logic, Numerical Analysis(computational mathematics)

Financial Support

Policies and Regulations, Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, Readership, Nonresident Tuition Fellowships, University and Extramural Fellowships, Guaranteed Support