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Mapping XDrive


The xdrive is available to mathnet users upon request for secondary storage (see Disk Storage Management for more information) that is mirrored every 24 hours.  To begin, you may request this storage by contacting bugs@math.ucla.edu using your @math.ucla.edu account.  Data on the xdrive is available on both your Linux and Windows account.  Since it is located on a Linux server, it is automatically linked in your home directory as 'xdrive'.  In order to use it on your Windows account, you will have to map the drive.


Once your xdrive has been established, you will be able to map the drive on your mathnet Windows computer by doing the following:

  1. Goto the Start Menu and select "Computer"
  2. Once the "Computer" window opens, select "Map network drive" located on the top toolbar
  3. Using the dropdown menu, change the drive to X:
  4. Under Folder: type \\nasik\[username]
    • In this example, we have used \\nasik\jbruin
  5. Click "Finish"
  6. The X: drive should be mapped and ready to use at the bottom of the "Computer" window.