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Cluster Computing

Cluster Computing

NEMO Cluster

The NEMO cluster is a set of 9 Intel Xeon rack machines, with 3.4 GHz speed, and 9.0GB memory per node. These machines run the current version of SuSE Linux, 10.3. The nodes are numbered, nemo01 - nemo09.

The nine machines of the Nemo Cluster were donated to UCLA Math by Tony DeRose and his colleagues at Pixar. They were formerly part of the giant Pixar rendering farm.

The purpose of these machines is to run serial and parallel computing jobs, generally for parametric studies and algorithmic development. The Extended Memory is substantial, and ideal for memory oriented jobs such as those which employ large matrices.


The job queuing system has been disabled so just log into any node and run your compilation and/or computation from there. Do be mindful of other users by checking if others are on the system. Commands like "w" or "who" can see who is logged on.