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MS 3915B

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Spring 2017


Old course information

Winter 2017

No teaching.

Fall 2016

I was a TAC for Math 495.

Spring 2016

SMC: M 12:00–1:00pm.

Winter 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Math 180 (Combinatorics) with Alejandro Morales.

For homework, lecture notes, and important information see the CCLE page.

Office hours: Mon 10:00–11:00, Tues 2:00–3:00, or by appointment.

Winter 2015

Math 167 (Game Theory) with Robertson.

Office hours: MW 10:00–11:00, in my office, MS 3915B. And by appointment.

See the course's CCLE page for homework. Other links: the textbook and some games to play.

Fall 2014

Math 61 with Unger.

Office hours: probably W 12–1 & Th 2–3, in my office. Also by appointment. SMC hour: M 10–11.

Pay particular attention to the course's discussion forum.

Spring 2014

Math 114L with Martin.

Office hours: probably M 11:00–12:00 & T 9:00–10:00. Also by appointment.

Winter 2014

Fall 2013

Spring 2013

Winter 2013

Fall 2012

A nasty trig-sub/partial-fractions integral

integration techniques handout