Part III

Set theory reading course

I'm keeping things related to the Part III Set theory reading course on this page.


I wrote a Part III essay about better-quasi-orders. If you'd like a copy, send me an email (znorwood [at] math [dot] ucla [another dot] edu).

Commutative Algebra notes

My notes for the Part III Commutative Algebra course can be found here. There are three versions:

  • The regular version: regular
  • For the paperphile, a two-page-per-sheet version: two-per-sheet
  • For the Kindle user, a Kindle version (I know! How exciting!): Kindle
These notes were last updated in May 2012. You should feel free to send me comments, corrections, and suggestions (about any version of these notes).

I've recently separated the by-lecture organisation of the notes from the by-subject organisation. In doing this, I have added PDF hyperlinks to and from the beginnings of lecture dates. This has been a bit buggy, so let me know if you have any trouble with it.

I've used the font Utopia (with Fourier-GUTenberg math). (To do this yourself, use the Fourier package. See this survey for other font options.) It's not ideal, but CM is way too thin for the Kindle or 2-a-page version.

I intend eventually to post information about how I generated the Kindle version of these notes. In the meantime, contact me (znorwood [at] math [dot] ucla [another dot] edu) if you're interested.

Ramsey Theory notes

There are notes available for the Part III Ramsey Theory course (from 2000, it appears) here.

Combi notes

There appear to be notes available from the Part III Combinatorics course (2010?) here.


Some PDF tools I've collected.