The goal of this reading group is to read papers related to our fields of interests (mostly in harmonic analysis) that we would otherwise not read alone. Links to papers we are reading and the weekly assignment appear below.

List of papers
  • S18
    Andrei K. Lerner and Fedor Nazarov, Intuitive dyadic calculus: the basics. url
  • W18
    Larry Guth, A restriction estimate using polynomial partitioning. url
  • Terence Tao, Ana Vargas, and Luis Vega, A bilinear approach to the restriction and Kakeya conjectures. url
  • F17
    Markus Keel and Terence Tao, Endpoint Strichartz estimates. url
  • Yu Deng, Pierre Germain, and Larry Guth, Strichartz estimates for the Schrodinger equation on irrational tori. url