MS 5351-4

I am a sixth year math graduate student at UCLA advised by Terence Tao. Here is my CV. I am interested in harmonic analysis and its connections to analytic number theory and dispersive PDE. I am especially interested in decoupling, restriction, and Kakeya phenomena. This year I am partially supported by a Girsky Fellowship Award.

I am the organizer of the graduate student harmonic analysis reading group, see here for what we are currently reading.

The ADE qualifying exam solutions guide I wrote with Peter Cheng is available here.

Papers and preprints
  • An l^2 decoupling interpretation of efficient congruencing in 2D. arXiv
  • Effective l^2 decoupling for the parabola. arXiv
  • Quadratic twists of elliptic curves with 3-Selmer rank 1. arXiv
    International Journal of Number Theory, 10 (2014), no. 5, 1191–1217.
  • Elliptic curves with full 2-torsion and maximal adelic Galois representations (with David Corwin, Tony Feng, and Sarah Trebat-Leder). arXiv
    Mathematics of Computation, 83 (2014), 2925–2591.
  • Arithmetic properties of Picard-Fuchs equations and holonomic recurrences (with Alexander W. Walker). arXiv
    Journal of Number Theory, 133 (2013), 2770–2793.
  • A normal form for cubic surfaces. url
    International Journal of Algebra, 4 (2010), no. 5, 233–239.
  • On a special case of the intersection of quadric and cubic surfaces. url
    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 214 (2010), no. 11, 2078–2086.
  • Counting powers of words in monoids (with Stephen P. Humphries). url
    European Journal of Combinatorics, 30 (2009), no. 5, 1297–1308.