Zane Li

Office: MS 3957
Email: zkli [at] ucla [dot] edu

I am a fourth year math graduate student at UCLA working in harmonic analysis. My advisor is Terence Tao.

Here is my CV.

I wrote a summary of the Bourgain-Demeter-Guth paper working out the iteration scheme in the two dimensional case here.

Peter Cheng and I have typed our solutions to the Spring 2007-Spring 2015 ADE qualifying exams. The guide can be found here. Unedited solutions to the Fall 1999-Fall 2006 ADE qualifing exams are posted here but they are not typed. (Use bookmarks in the pdf to navigate between exam years.)

2017-2018: No teaching
Spring 2017:
Math 117, Algebra for Applications: Section 1A (Professor C. Khare)
Math 171, Stochastic Processes: Section 2A (Professor C. Wang)
Winter 2017:
Math 131A, Analysis: Section 4A (Professor I. Angelopoulos)
Math 135, Ordinary Differential Equations: Section 3A (Professor H. Gao)
Fall 2016:
Math 31A: Sections 2E, 2F (Professor E. Radke)
Math 31A: Sections 4E, 4F (Professor D. Brizolis)
2015-2016: No teaching
Spring 2015
Math 32A, Calculus of Several Variables: Sections 1E, 1F (Professor D. Taylor)
Math 33B, Differential Equations: Sections 2A, 2B (Professor A. Mavromoustaki)
Winter 2015
Math 31A: Sections 2C, 2D (Professor G. Liu)
Math 31B, Integration and Infinite Series: Sections 1E, 1F (Professor F. Castella)
Fall 2014
Math 31A, Differential and Integral Calculus: Sections 1A, 1B (Professor D. Renfrew)
Math 31A: Sections 2C, 2D (Professor D. Taylor)
2013-2014: No teaching