Mathematics 114L, Mathematical Logic, Spring 2017, Homework

Every homework assignment will include some very easy problems, some problems of average difficulty and some quite hard ones, and it is part of the assignment to tell which is which. Do not worry if you cannot do all the assigned problems.

In solving a problem, you may assume and use every result and problem which appears before it in the Notes. You are also encouraged to seek help with the homework from either the instructor or the TA.

Optional problems are optional; you can do them to learn more, solutions to them will be posted along with the solutions to the regular problems and some of them will be graded, but these grades will not be included in computing the "homework part" of your grade in the class.

Problems numbered x1.1, x1.2, etc. are at the end of Part 1 of the Lecture Notes, Problems x2.1, x2.2, etc. at the end of Part 2, etc.
Problems a1, a2, etc. are in the list of Additional problems.
HW #8, Optional, will be collected on June 14, at the final exam. Problems 3.1 - 3.5 at the end of Part 3 of the Notes. You do not need to hand solutions to this assignment and it will not count with the others in the computation of your HW grade; if you do hand it in, then any points you get will count as "extra credit" that might hep improve your overall grade.
HW #7, due on Tuesday, May 30: x2.45, x2.46, x2.49, x2.50, x2.51. Optional: x2.52, x2.53.     Solutions
HW #6, due on Tuesday, May 16: x2.31, x2.32, x2.33, x2.34, x2.37. Optional: x2.38.     Solutions
HW #5, due on Tuesday, May 9: x2.26, x2.28, x2.29, x2.30.
Note. For x2.30, you can appeal to Theorem 5B.4 even if we have not covered it in class at the time you do the problem.     Solutions
HW #4, due on Tuesday, May 2: x2.13, x2.14, x2.16, x2.17, x2.22, x2.24. Optional: x2.19.     Solutions
HW #3, due on Monday, April 24 (note change of the usual due day): x2.2, x2.3, x2.5, x2.6, x2.7, x2.10, a3. Optional: a4.     Solutions
HW #2, due on Tuesday, April 18: x1.11, x1.14, x1.17, x1.19, x1.24, x1.26, a2.
Optional: a1.     Solutions
HW #1, due on Tuesday, April 11: x1.1, x1.2, x1.3, x1.4, x1.5.     Solutions