Multispectral Image Pan-Sharpening

Sheida Rahmani, Daria Merkurjev, Melissa Strait, Michael Moeller, Todd Wittman

Pan-sharpening combines a low-resolution color multispectral image with a high-resolution grayscale panchromatic image to create a high-resolution fused color image. Pansharpening GUI is used for fusing these two images together. We have incorporated popular pansharpening methods on this GUI such as: Wavelet-based methods,IHS, PCA, and Brovey. The GUI gives the user the option of uploading their own image or selecting from 2 built-in example LANDSAT images taken from Also we have included a set of metrics in order to measure spectral and spatial quality of the final fused image.

Here is a screen shot of the Matlab GUI running on the first sample LANDSAT image included with the software.

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