PIC 40A Lecture 1UCLA Mathematics
INSTRUCTOR: Jukka Virtanen
Office: MS 5234
Office hours: M: 1-1.50PM In my office, WF: 1-1.50PM at PIC lab.
Email: virtanen@math.ucla.edu

TIME: MWF 12pm-12:50pm

TA: Juan Ramirez
TA Office: PIC lab
TA Office hours: TBD
TA email: the_passenger89@hotmail.com

Section Days Time Location TA
1a TR TR 12:00-12:50P MS 5118 Juan Ramirez

Course Objectives:
To become familiar with the core technologies of the Internet and gain some experience in client-side Web 2.0 programming. Topics include UNIX, XML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM,PHP, MySQL, W3C validation.


Your final grade will be computed according to the following formula:

Homework: 30%, Midterm I: 20%, Midterm II: 20% Final Project: 30%

Your overall average guarantees that you will receive at least the grade shown:
A [93,100] A- [90,93) B+ [87,90) B [83,87) B- [80,83)
C+ [77,80) C [73,77) C- [70,73) D+ [67,70) D- [61,63) D [63,67) F [0,61)

Grades will be curved. The curve can only help you. An A+ is awarded for exceptional work throughout the quarter.

There will be two midterm exams

The fifty-minute midterm exams will be given on 11/03/2017 and on 11/29/2017 at the usual lecture time and location. There will be no make-up for the midterm exams. No exceptions. Students having a documented medical reason for missing a midterm must see the instructor before the exam date if possible; otherwise, as soon as possible after the exam date. The midterm exams will be returned to you in discussion section and your TA will go over the exam at that time. Any questions regarding how the exam was graded must be submitted in writing with your exam to the TA at the end of section that day. No regrade requests will be allowed after section that day whether or not you attend section. If you anticipate missing section that day due to a family emergency or a medical reason, email the instructor beforehand to make arrangements to go over your midterm exam.

Final Project There will be a final project instead of a final exam. You will have approximately 3 weeks to complete the project after the official announcement. However, I will discuss the final project all throughout the quarter and you are encouraged to start working on it early.
To help you gain experience in Web programming, there will be six or seven homework assignments varying in difficulty and length. Homework assignments will be submitted and collected electronically. The instructor will specify where, when, and how to upload your homework solution for each assignment on the Homework Assignments webpage for this course. No homework submitted by email to the TA or the instructor will be accepted. No late homework will be accepted. No exceptions will be granted.
The lowest homework score will be dropped (Between homeworks 1-5. Homework #6 cannot be dropped). Any questions on how your homework was graded must be presented in person and in writing to the instructor within one week of its return.

There will be about 8 lab assignments which will supplement the class. These labs will be done during discussion sections. Some of these labs will count towards one homework grade. These labs will be announced well in advance and you will have two days to complete them. As long as you make reasonable effort on each lab you will get full points for the labs.

You are solely responsible for
Use the PIC Computer Laboratory in MS 2000 to work on your homework assignments. Check the PIC lab website for hours of operation. You may also work from a remote location AT YOUR OWN RISK as long as your solution still works and is readable by the grader after you upload it completely to the correct location.

Reading Assignments
There will be recommended reading assigned on every lecture day. Complete the reading assignment before the next lecture. These assignments will be posted on the Reading Assignments webpage for this course.

Academic Honesty
You are encouraged to discuss aspects of the course with other students. You may also discuss the homework assignments in general terms with others. By general terms, I mean discuss ideas and plans of attack for solving the problems, not code. You must write you own independent solution. This will allow you to truly understand what you are doing. If you need more specific help, you may consult the TA or the instructor only. You may not copy or cite in your homework solution anything written by someone else, unless it is found in your assigned reading, in my lectures, in my examples, or in a presentation by your TA in discussion section. Homework solutions will be monitored for plagiarism. Cheating of any kind is not tolerated. You may receive a 0 for plagarized work or be referred to the dean. Please do not endanger your entire academic career by cheating.

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