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Winter 2018

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Topology Seminar

Fridays, 3-3:50PM in MS 6201

Date Speaker Title
September 29 Jianfeng Lin (MIT)
October 6 David Boozer
October 6 Hokuto Konno
November 3 Claudius Zibrowius (Sherbrooke) TBA

Winter Algebraic Topology

Wednesdays, 3-3:50PM, MS 6201

Date Speaker Title
October 25 Aaron Royer (UCLA) The geometry of FGL
November 1 Kevin Iga (Pepperdine) Thick Subcategories
November 8 No Seminar
November 15 Michael Andrews Adams Spectral Sequence
November 15 Michael Miller Vanishing Lines


Date Speaker Title
November 6
Sheel Ganatra
November 6
Nathan Dunfield
December 4
Raphael Zentner
December 4
zhouli xu (MIT)