Statistics, Probability and Game Theory

Papers in Honor of David Blackwell.

Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Lecture Notes -- Monograph Series
Volume 30, 1996.
T. S. Ferguson, L. S. Shapley and J. B. MacQueen, Editors.

Table of Contents:

  1. David Blackwell and Persi Diaconis, "A non-measurable tail set" pp 1-5.
  2. Lester Dubins, "The Gambler's Ruin Problem for Periodic Walks" pp 7-12.
  3. F. Evangelista, T. E. S. Raghavan and O. J. Vrieze, "Repeated ARAT Games" pp 13-28.
  4. Eugene Feinberg, "On Measurability and Representation of Strategic Measures in Markov Decision Processes" pp 29-43.
  5. Jerzy A. Filar and Ke Liu, "Hamiltonian Cycle Problem and Singularly Perturbed Markov Decision Process" pp 45-63.
  6. Mark Finklestein, Howard G. Tucker, and Jerry Alan Veeh, "Point Processes Without Topology" pp 65-82.
  7. D. A. Freedman, "De Finetti's Theorem in Continuous Time" pp 83-98.
  8. Soon B. Hong and Lambert H. Koopmans, "Comparison Problems for Experiments with Curve Responses" pp 99-114.
  9. Ioannis Karatzas, "A Pathwise Approach to Dynkin Games" pp 115-125.
  10. Lucien Le Cam, "Comparison of Experiments - A Short Review" pp 127-138.
  11. Erich Lehmann, "The Creation and Early History of the Berkeley Statistics Department" pp 139-146.
  12. Ehud Lehrer and Rann Smorodinsky, "Merging and Learning" 2p. 147-168.
  13. Jim MacQueen, "Markov Sculpture" pp 169-190..
  14. Ashok P. Maitra and William D. Sudderth, "The Gambler and the Stopper" pp191-208.
  15. R. Daniel Mauldin and S. C. Williams, "Redistribution of Velocity: Collision Transformations" pp 209-231.
  16. Isaac Meilijson, "Bayesian updatings in Hopfield-like associate memory models" pp 233-244.
  17. Jim Pitman, "Some Developments of the Blackwell-MacQueen Urn Scheme" pp 245-267.
  18. Tadeusz Radzik, "Results and Problems in Games of Timing" pp 269-292.
  19. John Rolph, "Casino Winnings at Blackjack" pp 293-302.
  20. George G. Roussas, "Exponential Probability Inequalities With Some Applications" pp 303-319.
  21. Brian Skryms, "Carnapian Inductive Logic and Bayesian Statistics" pp 321-336.
  22. Isaac Sonin, "The Asymptotic Behaviour of a General Finite Nonhomogeneous Markov Chain (The Decomposition-Separation Theorem)" pp 337-346.
  23. Michiel van Lambalgen, "Randomness and Foundations of Probability: Von Mises' Axiomatisation of Random Sequences" pp 347-367.
  24. Marco Vervoort, "Blackwell Games" pp 369-390.
  25. Heinrich v. Weizsaecker, "Some Reflections On and Experiences With SPLIFs" pp 391-399.
  26. Alex Yushkevich, "Blackwell Optimal Policies in Countable Dynamic Programming Without Aperiodicity Assumptions" pp 401-407.