Mathematics 31B Handout -- Spring 2009

Discussion sections: The discussion sections are conducted by the teaching assistant, and are an integral part of the course. The TA will discuss and answer questions about the homework that has been assigned and related material. The discussion sections provide an opportunity to have your questions answered on a more personal basis and at greater length than is possible in the lecture. There will often be aspects of solutions to exercises that you will not have considered. You should take advantage of the chance to ask questions that go beyond the particular problems that were assigned that week. Even though we will not have covered much material yet, the first week discussion sections will meet for the entire period. The teaching assistants will discuss some extra problems related to the material covered in the first lecture (for Tuesday sections) and the first two lectures (for Thursday sections), as well as some review problems from Math 31A.

Quizzes: There will be six quizzes during the quarter. They will be given during the last 15 minutes of the discussion sections. They cannot be made up if missed. The way missed quizzes will be handled is explained under grading below. In the quizzes, you will do problems taken from the homework assigned during the previous week. For students in Tuesday discussion sections, the quizzes will be on April 7,21,28 and May 5,19,26. For those in Thursday discussion sections, they will be on April 9,23,30 and May 7,21,28. You should bring several sheets of blank paper to the quizzes.

Homework: It is practically impossible to learn mathematics without doing a lot of problems. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do the assigned problems carefully and promptly. Don't get behind! I will assign homework in each lecture. It will not be turned in or graded. The role of the quizzes is to make sure that you are keeping up. You can ask questions about the problems in discussion section, or in the office hours of the TA and instructor. If you don't get a particular assignment, you can always find it on my web page.

Grading: The final grade will be based on the the exams and quizzes with the following weights: Final (40%), midterms (20% each) and quizzes (20%). The bottom quiz score will be dropped before determining the quiz grade.