History of the Spencinar

When I arrived at UCLA in the fall of 2013 as the RTG postdoc in Logic, I thought it would be nice to organize a seminar for the logic students. In the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 quarters, I spoke at our weekly meeting and so the tone of the seminar was dominated by my interests in set theory.

In the spring 2014 quarter, the seminar was a Math 290 course with the graduate students speaking for credit. Since then the seminar has met weekly during the academic year with graduate students, occasional visitors and myself as the speakers.

Below is a list of some of the talks in roughly chronological order. The list spans roughly spring of 2014 through winter of 2016 and there may be some talks missing. Thanks to Bill and Zach for helping me compile it. Also, note that the list does not include any of my talks from the very early days of the seminar.

Paul McKenney: Open problems in nonseparable Calkin algebras
Siddharth Baskar: Abstract recursion theory
Bill Chen: Namba forcing
John Susice: Weak square holds if and only if there is a special Aronszajn tree
Assaf Shani: Trees with ascent paths
John Lensmire: Precipitous ideals
Sherwood Hachtman: Projective determinacy (2 talks)
John Susice: Negative square-bracket principles
Spencer Unger: Closure conditions in partial orders
Bill Chen: The approachability property
John Susice: Martin's Maximum and weak square
Spencer Unger: Solovay splitting: smash it with a hammer
Bill Chen: Precipitous and saturated ideals
Spencer Unger: Weakenings of MA
Andrew Marks: Happy and mad families
Zach Norwood: The Galvin--Prikry Theorem
Spencer Unger: Diamond principles
Assaf Shani: Ultrapowers of forcing notions
Bill Chen: Forcing clubs in stationary subsets of P_\kappa(\lambda)
Sherwood Hachtman: P_max (2 talks)
Zach Norwood: Cardinal invariants: what are they, what are they good for?
Thomas Gilton: Mitchell's Theorem revisited (3 talks)
Spencer Unger: Morley's categoricity theorem (2 talks)
John Susice: A survey of Dowker spaces
Erik Walsberg: A little classification theory
Spencer Unger: The tree property at aleph_{omega^2+1} and aleph_{omega^2+2} with aleph_{omega^2} strong limit (3 talks)
Assaf Shani: S- and L-spaces
Omer Ben-Neria: PID is consistent with CH
John Susice: Maharam algebras
Spencer Unger: Two cardinal tree properties and square-type principles
Zach Norwood: Solovay's inaccessible is necessary
Assaf Shani: Partition calculus
Artem Chernikov: VC-dimension, probabilistic learning and Martin's Axiom


Pictures of Zach Norwood's notes from Fall 2013
Bill Chen's logic blog has notes from quite a few seminars over the years.

Participants and Speakers:

There are some links for the outside participants. The non-existence of a link typically means that the person is or was a graduate student at UCLA.