Math 114s: Introduction to set theory

This is the course page for Math 114S in the winter quarter of 2016.



Homework 1 Due Monday January 11th.

Homework 2 Due Friday January 22nd.

Homework 3 Due Monday February 1st.

Homework 4 Due Monday February 8th.

Here are some descriptive set theory notes parts of which are relevant to the material from week 5 (and maybe beyond).

Homework 5 Due Wednesday February 17th.

A further reference should be available via Springer link. It is Thomas Jech's Set theory book. Let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

Homework 6 Due Monday February 29th.

Homework 7 Due Friday March 11th.

Here are some sketchy solutions to homeworks 1-6. Solutions to homework 7 will be added tomorrow.