Mike Miller

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics, UCLA

Office: MS 5351. I am more or less never there.
Email: smmiller@ucla.edu. Feel free to email me! I get surprisingly little spam.

I'm a fifth year graduate student. I mostly do gauge theory and its applications to low-dimensional (3+1) topology and differential geometry.
My advisor is Ciprian Manolescu.


Equivariant instanton homology ~ in preparation ~ draft as of 5/15/19 ~ comments welcome!
This is an essentially final draft. I expect an arXiv submission sometime between March 2019 and August 2073.

In this paper I develop some analysis of instanton moduli spaces, and present algebra related to the equivariant (co)homology of differential graded algebras and their modules.
Using these tools, I define four invariants of rational homology spheres that deserve to be called "equivariant instanton homology" and have some formal properties similar to those seen in Heegaard Floer and monopole Floer homology.


I no longer use StackExchange.

Image by Ryan Armand.