Conference Schedule

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All talks are in room 9, Evans Hall (basement level).

Sunday March 25.

10:00--10:45 Uffe Haagerup: Asymptotic expansion formulas for GUE random matrices
11:00--11:45 Jean-Luc Sauvageot: Dirichlet forms on C*-algebras, a review
Lunch break
1:30--2:15 Jean-Bernard Zuber: Introduction to Random Matrices from a physicist's perspective, I
3:00--3:45 Alice Guionnet: Matrix models with convex interaction
4:00--4:45 Sandrine Peche: The Largest eigenvalue of some Hermitian random matrices

Monday March 26.

10:00--10:45 Dimitri Shlyakhtenko: Lower estimates on free entropy dimension via stochastic calculus
11:00--11:45 Alexandru Nica: On infinite divisibility for free additive convolution, and a semigroup of transformations related to it
Lunch break
1:30--2:15 Paul Zinn-Justin: Orthogonal Polynomials and Integrability in Matrix Models
3:00--3:45 Ken Dykema: Free entropy dimension in amalgamated free products.
4:00--4:45 Andreas Thom: L^2 Betti numbers for von Neumann algebras

Tuesday March 27.

10:00--10:45 Dan Voiculescu: Free analysis : relativistic quantum opportunities
11:00--11:45 Roland Speicher: Topics around operator-valued semicircular elements
Lunch break
1:30--2:15 Ambar Sengupta: Yang-Mills in Two Dimensions and its Large-N LImit
3:00--3:45 Marcelo Aguiar: Overview of infinitesimal bialgebras
4:00--4:45 Serban Belinschi: Regularization by free additive convolution, square and rectangular cases

Wednesday March 28.

10:00--10:45 Philippe Biane: Concavification of free entropy
11:00--11:45 Benoit Collins: Convergence of unitary matrix integrals
12:00--12:45 James Mingo: Second Order Cumulants of Products
1:00--1:30 Dan Shiber: Large N Approach to Free Information Theory
Free afternoon and the large N Limit

Thursday March 29.

10:00--10:45 Hari Bercovici: Recent progress in the analytic study of free convolution
11:00--11:45 Thierry Levy: Schur-Weyl duality and large N two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory
Lunch break
1:15--2:00 Jean-Bernard Zuber: Introduction to Random Matrices from a physicist's perspective, II
2:30--3:15 Yoshimichi Ueda: Orbital approach to free entropy
3:30--4:15 Edouard Maurel Segala: Full developpement of large N matrix models and maps of high genus
4:30--5:15 Teodor Banica: Quantum groups in the large N limit

Friday March 30.

10:00--10:45 Michael Anshelevich: Free Meixner distributions
11:00--11:45 Thierry Cabanal-Duvillard: Infinitely divisible matrices: other examples.
12:00--12:45 Jesse Peterson: L^2-Rigidity in von Neumann algebras.
Conference ends