Expository papers

Here I will post some of my expository papers.

Fefferman's disc multiplier counterexample.

     Description: A constructive counterexample to show that Fourier transform restricted to a unit ball is not a bounded operator.

     Link download: Fefferman's disc multiplier counterexample.

Dynamics of piecewise translation maps.

     Description: Study a special case of piecewise translation map on compact domains.

     Link download: Dynamics of piecewise translation maps.

UC Irvine Real Analysis Qual

     Description: Solutions to UC Irvine Real analysis quals. Use this at your own risk.

     Link download: UCI Real Qual.

Bernoulli's inequality

     Description: Some techniques of using Bernoulli's inequality to solve non-homogeneous inequalities that occurred in some math competitions.

     Link download: Bernoulli's inequality.

Tuyển tập các bài toán hình học phẳng

     Description: A collection of typical geometry problems that occurred in math competitions.

     Link download: Tuyển tập các bài toán hình học phẳng.