Derived algebraic geometry working seminar

Wednesday 3-3:50pm, room MS7608


Derived algebraic geometry

D.Gaitsgory and N.Rozenblyum, A study in derived algebraic geometry
J.Lurie, Derived algebraic geometry
J.Lurie, Spectral algebraic geometry
B.Toen, Derived algebraic geometry
B.Toen, Higher and derived stacks: A global overview
B.Toen, Homotopical and higher categorical structures in algebraic geometry
B.Toen and G.Vezzosi, Homotopical algebraic geometry. I: Topos theory
B.Toen and G.Vezzosi, Homotopical algebraic geometry. II: Geometric stacks and applications
B.Toen and G.Vezzosi, From HAG to DAG: derived moduli stacks
G.Vezzosi, A note on the cotangent complex in derived algebraic geometry
G.Vezzosi, What is a derived stack?

Infinity categories

P.Goerss and K.Schemmerhorn, Model categories and simplicial methods
M.Groth, A short course on infinity categories
J.Lurie, Higher Topos theory
J.Lurie, Higher Algebra
J.Lurie, What is an infinity category?
E.Riehl, Quasi categories as (infinity,1)-categories
E.Riehl and D.Verity, Infinity category theory from scratch