Course Mechanics

Lecture 1 Compiling, Running, HelloWorld

Lecture 2 Primitive Types, JOptionPane

Lecture 3 Example: Looping with booleans

Lecture 4 First Applet; the Math class

Lecture 5 Example: Simulated Die Tossing

Lecture 6 Arrays, the array of primes

Lecture 7 Constructors: picking balls from an urn

Lecture 8 A Utility: mean, deviation, bubblesort, median

Lecture 9 Passing arrays as a parameter; Double arrays

Sample Exam

General Comments on the Hour Exam

Factoring Applet

Lecture 10 Private Variables

Lecture 11 Static Variables, Working with private variables

Lecture 12 Superclasses, subclasses, abstract classes

Lab 6 Will finsih lecture 12 and then go on to lab 6

Lecture 13 interfaces; inner classes; anonymous classes

Lecture 14 colors, fonts, lines, a random walk

Craps Applet

Lecture 15 Craps

Lecture 16 Continuation of Lecture 15

Lab 7 Specifications for Lab 7

Lecture 17 Layouts, Panels

Sample Exam 2

White Spaces How to handle the leading, trailing white space problem

Lecture 18 Mouse Listeners

Lecture 19 Exception handling catch(ing) and try(ing)

Lecture 20 Elementary stuff on threads

Lecture 21 More on threads

Parsing Applet

Specifications Specifications for the extra credit lab

Review for Final Thursday's posting

Lecture 22 Still more on threads