Math 3C, Spring 2008, Lectures 1 and 2
(a course in basic probability theory for life science students)

Instructor: Roberto Schonmann

Answers to FAQ:

1) Students have to attend the lecture and discussion session in which they are enrolled.

2) The discussion sessions are integral part of the course and are mandatory. Be sure that you can and do attend them.

3) The midterm and final exam will be common for Lectures 1 and 2. The midterm exam will take place on Monday, May 5, from 4pm to 5:50pm. There will be no make up exams and exams will only be offered at the scheduled time and place (or under OSD arrangements, for students with disabilities -- in this case, contact OSD before the course starts, and inform me about it).

4) For issues concerning enrollement, changing session, etc, go to MS 6356. I am willing to allow as many students in as there is space in the lecture room. But the final decision about letting students from the wait list in is up to the Undergraduate Vice Chair. If there are special circumstances affecting your need to enroll in the class, please discuss them with the councelors in MS 6356. (I am a mathematician, not an administrator, and do not deal with issues of priority to enroll in the class.) As far as I know it, the Math Dept does not use PTE numbers for enrollement (check about it in MS 6356 if needed).

5) Unfortunately honors sessions, or honors contracts will not be available.

6) I do not make exceptions. Please, do not ask for one. Treating students fairly requires having clear and simple rules that apply equally to all the students.

Syllabus: syllabus.pdf

Homework Assignments: hw.txt

Midterm exam solution set : mt.pdf

Final exam solution set : f.pdf