Los Angeles Math Circle

Math Circle People

Olga Radko is the founder  and  director of the  LA Math Circle. She received her Ph.D. in mathematics from UC Berkeley in 2002 specializing in Poisson Geometry, and is currently an Academic Administrator  at the UCLA department of Mathematics. 


Oleg Gleizer is the Chief Curriculum Developer  and the Lead instructor of the Beginners group in the LA Math Circle.  He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2001 from Northeastern University of Boston specializing in representation theory and special functions. Oleg sees his mission in inventing ways to present some important parts of modern day Mathematics (and occasionally Physics), typically reserved to college, to the children from age four and up. 


Emmanuelle Hodara  is the Administrative Assistant. She is a junior biochemistry major at UCLA and has been involved with the Math Circle for over two years.






Guest Lecturers 2012-2013

Prof. Jonas Azzam (University of Washington, Seattle)
Dr. Oleg Gleizer
Prof. Christian Haesemeyer (UCLA)
Prof. Ciprian Manolescu (UCLA)
Prof. Mo Omar (CalTech) 
Prof. David Renfrew (UCLA)
Prof. Terence Tao (UCLA)

Guest Lecturers 2011-2012

Professor Robert Brown (UCLA)
Dr. Oleg Gleizer
Dr. Ali Gurel (Accord Institute, A* program)
Professor Johanna Hardin (Pomona College)
Professor Ciprian Manolescu (UCLA)
Professor Christoph Thiele (UCLA)

Guest Lecturers 2010-2011

Professor Marek Biskup (UCLA)
Professor Kirby Baker (UCLA, retired)
Professor Alissa Crans (LMU)
Mr. William Fitz-Gibbon (Walter Reed Middle School, retired)
Professor Christian Haesemeyer (UCLA)
Professor Adrian Ioana (UCLA & Clay Math Inst.)
Professor Ciprian Manolescu (UCLA)
Professor Briant Matthews (Azuza Pac. Univ)
Professor Blake Mellor (LMU)
Professor Mario Michelli (UCLA)

Guest Lecturers 2009-2010

Professor Kirby Baker (UCLA, retired)
Mr. William Fitz-Gibbon (Walter Reed Middle School, retired)
Professor Christian Haesemeyer (UCLA)
Professor Ciprian Manolescu (UCLA)

Professor Igor Pak (UCLA)
Professor Dimitri Shlyakhtenko (UCLA)
Professor Zvezdelina Stankova (Mills College/
      Berkeley Math Circle)

Professor Christoph Thiele (UCLA) 
Professor Monica Visan (UCLA)
Professor Jared Weinstein (UCLA)

Guest Lecturers 2007-2008

Professor Andrea Brose (UCLA);
Professor Talia Fernos (UCLA);
Mr. William Fitz-Gibbon (Walter Reed Middle School);
Professor Ted Gamelin (UCLA);
Professor Tamara Kucherenko (UCLA);
Mr. Sean Markan (Art of Problem Solving);
Professor Dimitri Shlyakhtenko (UCLA);
Professor Luminita Vese (UCLA);
Dr. Kevin Wang (MathZoom).

Circle Docents


Konstantin Miagkov
Courtney Scott
Ivy Wang is currently a fifth-year undergraduate student at UCLA double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. When removed from her natural environment of sitting in front of her computer programming, she enjoys rock climbing at the Wooden Center.


Eli Jaffe
Courtney Scott
Taylor Womack

Breaking Numbers into Parts

Vivian Dinson
Courtney Scott

Early Elementary

Courtney Scott

High School I

Michael Puthawala
Courtney Scott

High School II

Don Laackman is a fifth year graduate student in the in the mathematics department at UCLA interested in in Algebra and Algebraic K-Theory.
Courtney Scott

Junior Circle

Preston Carroll is a second year undergraduate Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics major. Outside of school, he enjoys: playing for the UCLA Ultimate Frisbee team, bouldering, and playing chess. Within mathematics he has a large interest in mathematical modeling and optimization.
Courtney Scott

Previous Years

Tim Austin
Farzin Barekat
Kaley Barnett
Krish Bhutwala
Samuel Birns
Francisc Bozgan
Francisc Bozgan
Paul Bunn
Wenjun Cai
Andre Chen
Eric Chiang
Iris Cong
Nicholas Cook
Lucy Xunyuan Dai
Adam Drown
Alin Galatan
Ishita Gambhir
Andrew George
Clinton Givens
Oleg Gleizer
Dani Glouberman
Katja Goldring
Mya Greene
Michael Hall
Luke Harmon
Jeff Hicks
Emmanuelle Hodara
Cole Hugelmeyer
Fushuai Jiang
Morgan Joeck
Stella Joh
Derek Jung
Ufuk Kanat
Eli Kirshbaum
Angela Lam
Joyce Law
John Lensmire
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis
Yingkun Li
Elizabeth Lim
Ben Lin
Florence Liu
Anton Lykov
Katy McDonald
Nicolette Meshkat
Travis Meyer
Maria Nakis
Caitlin Newsom
James Newton
Daniel Nghiem
Huan-Sony Nguyen
Danh Nguyen Luu
Noah Olander
Daniel O’Connor
Jason O’Neill
Tudor Padurariu
Janet Page
April Pan
Alyssa Perez
Prateek Puri
Anand Rajagopalan
Aaditya Ramesh
Shannon Rogers
Lauren Rosas
Moe Scott
Katherine Sheu
Ruby Shi
Isaac Solomon
Melinda Speckmann
Melanie Stich
Nicholas Stich
Nick Strehlke
Alice Wang
Deven Ware
Danielle Waters
Cory Williams
Tim Wilson
Connor Winn
Jonathan Wolf
Andrew Woods
Chloe Wu
Daniel Yazdi
Jiayan Ye
Rosalie Yee
Jiwei Zhang
Zhihao Zhao
Dillon Zhi
renning bruns
adrian roth