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Fall quarter session 2018

We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2018 at the moment. 

Continuing students in good standing a guaranteed a spot in the Fall session (need to apply by 9/1).

New students: Please start by going over our FAQs addressing the enrollment process. The next opportunity for new students to apply is Summer session 2019. Information and applications will be available on this web page in May 2019. All applicants will have to take an assessment in late May -- early June. 

For now, please feel free to use our curriculum at home. Handouts are posted weekly and are available in the "Calendar" section of the web page. Handouts from past years are available in the "Archive" section of the web page. 

Fall 2018 dates

First meeting:  Sunday,  October  7th

Last meeting: Sunday, December 9th

No meeting:  Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend

Dates for the next quarters and next academic years are available in the FAQs  section of the web page.

Fall 2018 groups and locations


Name of the Group Grade Levels Location Time(s) Lead Instructor(s) Assistants
1 Breaking Numbers into Parts K-1 MS 6201 9:00-9:50
Vivian Moy-Dinson Viranshi Vira
2 Early Elementary I 1-2 MS 5117 3:45-4:45
Oleg Gleizer
3 Early Elementary II 2-3 MS 3915G 3:45-4:45
Courtney Scott Igor van der Putt
Chynna Swift
Ashin Jose
4 Junior Circle 4-5 MS 3915A 3:45-4:45
Preston Carroll Kristi Intara
Nitya Ravi
5 Beginners group 6-7 MS 3915H
MS 3974
4:00-6:00 Group 1:
Michael Puthawala

Group 2: 
Taylor Womack
Group 1:

Sian Wen
Claire Li
Richard Yim

Group 2: 

Rong Huang
Aaditya Nambiar
Cassandra Tai
Christine Tai
6 Advanced group 8-9 MS 6201
MS 6221
4:00-6:00 Group 1:
Konstantin Miagkov

Group 2:
Anton Lykov

Group 1:
Iris Sun
Ethan Waldman
Eilon Tsur

Group 2:
Hunter Gawboy
Taylor Corcoran
Shangje Zhang
Osman Akar

7 High School I 9-10 MS 6620 4:00-6:00 Matt Gherman
Adam Lott
Dann Hoff
Bryan Hu
Steven Qu
Daji Landis
8 High School II 10-11 IPAM 4:00-6:00 Kyle Hess
Meijke Balay-Mickelson
Dann Hoff
Aaron Anderson
Haris Khan
Clark Huang
Yan Tao
Mya Greene
Please note that only officially enrolled students will be able to participate. 

Other Projects (information below refers to 2018-2019 school year)

1) We are supporting current Math Circle students who are  starting their own Math Circle Satellites in local elementary, middle and high schools. If you are a current Math Circle student interested in starting (or continuing with) your own Math Circle Satellite program, please plan to come to the math circle's satellites organizational meeting. 

2) We continue invitation-only Math Mentorship Program offering individual attention to dedicated current Math Circle students who require extra support. The program is taught by Mya Greene, a Math Circle alumna who currently studies at USC. Students can be recommended for the Mentorship  Program by the lead instructor of their group. 

3) We continue with the  invitation-only Olympiad training taught by Konstantin Miagkov (assisted by Clark Huang). The program focuses on proof techniques in Olympiad problem solving. At the moment, Olympiad training is just for students who continue with the program.
New Olympiad training for students in grades 6-8 is added in Fall 2018. Only current LAMC students who passed the entrance test are admitted into the program. The program is taught by Alex Pascadi and Ciprian Bonciocat. 

What is the LA Math Circle?

Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC) is a top-tier math circle attracting elementary, middle and high school students interested in mathematics and eager to learn. LAMC is a program of the Department of Mathematics at UCLA and over the years was supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Mathematical Science Research Institute (MSRI),  the Boeing Employees Community Fund, Raytheon, a gift from the Glickman family, and math circle families donations.

Following the traditions of Russian and Eastern European math circles, the program focuses on showcasing the beauty of mathematics and its applications, improving problem solving skills, preparing students for a variety of contests and competitions, creating a social context for mathematically inclined students as well as attracting students to math-related careers.

Types of meetings:

  • problem-solving sessions (most of the meetings);
  • expository talks on a variety of pure and applied math  topics;
  • preparation for various competitions, such as American Mathematical Competitions, Math Kangaroo, Bay Area Math Olympiad;

The topics we cover are as varied as advanced plane geometry, elementary number theory, fractals, combinatorics, game theory for the older students, logic, counting techniques, basic combinatorics for the younger ones. The main goal is to learn wonderful mathematics not covered in a typical school curriculum but accessible to the mathematically inclined students. Another goal is to actively engage students in problem solving and to learn effective problem solving strategies. To get an idea of what we are doing, please look at the titles and descriptions of past meetings which are available on our "Circle calendar" for the current year and on our "Archive" page for previous years

Please refer to FAQs if you have questions about the proper placement (choice of group) and other questions related to math circle.

Please see our Directions page for details on how to get there.

Contact LAMC

If you have any questions or comments, please write to Dr. Olga Radko, director of the Los Angeles Math Circle, at radko@math.ucla.edu after consulting the FAQs.

If you would like to provide anonymous feedback on the circle please use "Contact us" form on the left toolbar. Keep in mind that if you want to receive an answer to your comments you need to provide a return address.

Recent News

Read our LAMC Newsletter - Spring 2018 Edition

Summer 2018 Update: LAMC's graduating seniors take flight!

Seven LAMC participants graduated from high school  and are preparing to begin the college life in the fall. Pictured below are:

Murad Avliyakulov — attended math circle for 5 years; will attend Yale
Sutton Shin — attended math circle for 7 years; will attend UC Berkeley
Edan’el Fishbein — attended math circle for 7 years; will attend UC San Diego
Don Laackman (High School II group lead instructor) — taught math circle for 6 years; graduating with PhD in math from the department this year; will be Los Angeles Site Director and Program Coordinator for Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM), a nonprofit organization that works to help underserved students enter advanced study of mathematics through summer and extracurricular programs.
Cy Gilman — attended math circle for 7 years; will attend Columbia University
Mason Hendrick - attended math circle for 4 years; will attend Loyola Marymount university
Maksym Schchepetkin attended math circle for 6 years;  will attend UCLA
One of our seniors, Megan Joshi, (pictured below) could not be there for the graduation. She has been with the math circle for 6 years and will go to MIT.

Coming up next weekend:

10/21 -- Advanced: Quadratic Equations II

We learn the formula for the roots of the quadratic equation. We also use Vieta's theorem to solve some problems involving quadratic equations. As usual, some geometry.

10/21 -- Early Elementary I: Roman Numerals I

We will begin to study Roman numerals.

10/21 -- Early Elementary II: Mayan Numbers Part 1

Today will have have an introduction to Mayan Numbers plus Ken-Ken warm up! We will also be collecting and correcting the Cipher worksheet so make sure your student brings it to class!

10/21 -- High School I: Gini Index

10/21 -- High School II: Symmetries and Groups II (James Cameron)

Having experimented with the groups of symmetries of the rectangle+string model, we will define groups and explore associated concepts such as subgroups, group actions, isomorphisms, orbits, and stabilizers.