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Welcome to the Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC)!

Winter quarter session 2019

We are accepting applications for Winter 2019 at the moment. If you are new to the math circle, please read FAQs first.  More Winter 2019 info.

Continuing students in good standing are guaranteed a spot in the Winter session (need to apply by 1/1/19).

New students: Please start by going over our FAQs addressing the enrollment process. The next opportunity for new students to apply is Summer session 2019. Information and applications will be available on this web page in May 2019. All applicants will have to take an assessment in late May -- early June. 

If you decide to apply for Winter session (with the understanding that the chances of a spot opening up are very small), please fill out your application in details providing all the required information. Please also note that applications do not roll over. If you apply for one session and are not admitted, you need to apply again for the next one. This is the only way for us to know that you are still intereseted. 

For now, please feel free to use our curriculum at home. Handouts are posted weekly and are available in the "Calendar" section of the web page. Handouts from past years are available in the "Archive" section of the web page. 

New LAMC T-shirt Design

We are excited to showcase our new LAMC t-shirt design!
Do you know how to draw the 4D cube below (also known as a hypercube or tesseract)? Click here to learn.

Recent News

LAMC students score on AMC8

Eighteen LAMC students in grades 5-8 took AMC8 in November.
We are proud to report that all of our students scored in the top 30% of all test takers.

Special congratulations to our winners (all of whom scored in the top 1% of all test-takers in the nation):

August Deer (8th grade)            - 1st place

Qiao "Tiger" Zhang (6th grade) - 2nd place

Kylar Cheng  (6th grade)           - 3rd place

Students scoring in the top 5% nationwide are:

Natalie Deering (8th grade)

Kai Wells (7th grade)

Sophie Zhu (8th grade)

Jason Zhang (5th grade)

Richmond Shin (8th grade)


Jack Fasching (7th grade)

We wish all of our AMC8 participants future successes in their math journey.


Coming up next weekend:

1/20 -- Beginners: Geometry II

Today we are going to continue our studies of Geometry, and learn more about what you can do using a compass and ruler, and finally talk about geometry as you have seen it in school. Today will be a nice mix of hands on drawing/calculation with the compass and ruler, as well as a bit of proving using claim / reason charts.

1/20 -- Early Elementary I: Games on the chessboard

We will figure out ways to always win in a bunch of fun chessboard games.

1/20 -- Early Elementary II: Math Kanagroo Practice Part 1

We will be practicing Math Kanagroo questions. We will focus on reading the questions fully, strategies find the answer, and practicing to show our work.

1/20 -- High School I: Continued Fractions II

We will continue our study of continued fractions with an imporant application in number theory: Given an irrational number, how efficiently can it be approximated by rational numbers? Continued fraction expansions play an important role in solving this problem.

1/20 -- High School II: Algorithms

We will start a lesson studying algorithms: what are they, and how do they work?

1/20 -- Junior Circle: Pseudo Paradoxes

A look at a series of proven statements. But something about their conclusions seem a bit odd...