Los Angeles Math Circle

Welcome to the Los Angeles Math Circle (LAMC)!


We are no longer  accepting applications for Summer  2019. 

The dates for the summer session are Sundays, in the period of June 23rd -- August 11th.
All classes take place at UCLA on Sunday afternoons.

Summer groups for new students only 

  • Early Elementary group (grades 2-3)
  • Junior Circle (grades 4-5)
  • Intermediate Group (grades 6-8)

All applicants will be tested on Sunday, May 19th.

Specific times for the testing (late morning-early afternoon) and room numbers will be announced closer to the date. 
Current academic year students are not eligible for the above groups. 

Summer groups for current academic year students only 

  • Middle School Summer Club 
  • LAMC Chess Program 
The Middle School Summer Club (for students in grades 6-8) will focus on AMC8 problem solving.

LAMC Chess Program is a Beginner/Intermediate oriented class that includes classroom instruction, training games, and tournaments. An emphasis will be placed on puzzle-solving and practical play. Topics will include elementary tactical ideas, combinational motifs, opening techniques, basic endgames (King and Queen vs. King, King and Rook vs. King, etc.), and so on.

New studets are not eligibile for these two programs. 

New LAMC T-shirt Design

We are excited to showcase our new LAMC t-shirt design! 

Do you know how to draw the 4D cube below (also known as a hypercube or tesseract)? Click here to learn.

Recent News

LAMC students score on AMC8

Eighteen LAMC students in grades 5-8 took AMC8 in November.
We are proud to report that all of our students scored in the top 30% of all test takers.

Special congratulations to our winners (all of whom scored in the top 1% of all test-takers in the nation):

August Deer (8th grade)            - 1st place

Qiao "Tiger" Zhang (6th grade) - 2nd place

Kylar Cheng  (6th grade)           - 3rd place

Students scoring in the top 5% nationwide are:

Natalie Deering (8th grade)

Kai Wells (7th grade)

Sophie Zhu (8th grade)

Jason Zhang (5th grade)

Richmond Shin (8th grade)


Jack Fasching (7th grade)

We wish all of our AMC8 participants future successes in their math journey.

To see all 2018-19 Student Achievements, click here.

Coming up next weekend:

6/16 -- Beginners: Competition

For our last LAMC meeting of the year, we will be doing a math relay type competition. The emphasis will be on working together as a team to solve increasingly difficult problems correctly and quickly. We will have problems that touch on topics that we have covered in this past year as well as problems taken from old math competitions. Bring your A game and prepare to send off this year in style!