Los Angeles Math Circle

Fall 2018 dates

First meeting:  Sunday,  October  7th
Last meeting: Sunday, December 9th
No meeting:  Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend

Dates for the next quarters and next academic years are available in the FAQs  section of the web page.

Fall 2018 groups and locations

Please note that only officially enrolled students will be able to participate. 


Name of the Group Grade Levels Location Time(s) Lead Instructor(s) Assistants
1 Breaking Numbers into Parts K-1 MS 6201 9:00-9:50
Vivian Moy-Dinson Viranshi Vira
2 Early Elementary I 1-2 MS 5117 3:45-4:45
Oleg Gleizer
3 Early Elementary II 2-3 MS 3915G 3:45-4:45
Courtney Scott Igor van der Putt
Chynna Swift
Ashin Jose
4 Junior Circle 4-5 MS 3915A 3:45-4:45
Preston Carroll Kristi Intara
Nitya Ravi
5 Beginners group 6-7 MS 3915H
MS 3974
4:00-6:00 Group 1:
Michael Puthawala

Group 2: 
Taylor Womack
Group 1:

Sian Wen
Claire Li
Richard Yim

Group 2: 

Rong Huang
Aaditya Nambiar
Cassandra Tai
Christine Tai
6 Advanced group 8-9 MS 6201
MS 6221
4:00-6:00 Group 1:
Konstantin Miagkov

Group 2:
Anton Lykov

Group 1:
Iris Sun
Ethan Waldman
Eilon Tsur

Group 2:
Hunter Gawboy
Taylor Corcoran
Shangje Zhang
Osman Akar

7 High School I 9-10 MS 6620 4:00-6:00 Matt Gherman
Adam Lott
Dann Hoff
Bryan Hu
Steven Qu
Daji Landis
8 High School II 10-11 IPAM 4:00-6:00 Kyle Hess
Meijke Balay-Mickelson
Dann Hoff
Aaron Anderson
Haris Khan
Clark Huang
Yan Tao
Mya Greene