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We warm up for the new academic year by solving problems from some recent mathematical competitions.
Handouts: Lesson Handout
We start our exploration of quadratic equations with Vieta's Theorem. As usual, we also do some geometry.
We solve some problems on the properties of general functions, and learn to apply Vieta's theorem from last week. As usual, some geometry.
We continue exploring quadratic equations by completing the square and learning the formula for the roots. We also start working towards quadratic inequalities, in particular seeing when a quadratic function is positive or negative.
We take a step back from learning fundamental facts about quadratic equations, and practive what we have already learnt on some problems. Geometry also makes an appearance.
We introduce parabolas -- graphs of a quadratic equations, and solve some problems regarding them.
We use the theoretical properties of quadratic equations established during the last few weeks to solve some concrete problems. Also: more geometry.