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Attached are the test from the lesson, the homework that was due on 10/08/17 and the problems from the contest held during the second part of the lesson. Homework for 10/15/17 are problems 1c and 4b from the contest, as well as problem 4 from the previous homework.
Problems on tilings and the relation of grid colorings to solving them. Handout and homework for 10/22/17 attached.
More tilings and colorings, factorization of polynomials.
Today we start a block on Number Theory. First topic: remainders. We have all seen them before, but how can we use them, and why do they even exist? Also: integral points on graphs of linear functions and an interesting system of equations.
Continuing the topic from last week, remainders and divisibility.
We introduce the concept of the greatest common divisor and prove some basic statements about it.
We formulate the Euclidean algorithm and use it to prove some important number-theoretic lemmas.
We further use the Euclidean algorithm to investigate some linear diophantine equations.
End-of-quarter game.
Introduction to graph theory and geometry.
More graphs and geometry