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We will start the school year with an an overview of math problems and puzzles involving a chessboard (with and without chess pieces) and solving techniques including tiling, coloring and invariance principle.

In this meeting we will explore the symmetries of different objects like squares, rectangles, and coins. We will see how these symmetries interact with each other to form a structure called a group.
Having experimented with the groups of symmetries of the rectangle+string model, we will define groups and explore associated concepts such as subgroups, group actions, isomorphisms, orbits, and stabilizers.
Handouts: Problems
In this meeting, our goal is to construct a strange new geometry where straight lines are circles and triangles have angles that sum to less than 180. We start with circle inversions and then introduce the Poincaré disc model.
Handouts: Handout | Solutions
We will continue our exploration of the Poincaré disc and prove facts about hyperbolic lines and shapes.
Handouts: Solutions | Handout
We will keep working in the Poincare disc and discover phenomena peculiar to hyperbolic geometry such as AAA congruence, Lobachevskii's Theorem, and Schweikart's constant.
Handouts: Section 2
We look at more peculiar hyperbolic facts, like the hyperbolic Pythagorean theorem and the angle of parallelism.
Handouts: Solutions
We will have a short review quiz. Then, Aaron Anderson will talk about how electrical circuits correspond to random walks on the vertices of graphs.
Handouts: Handout
We will continue talking about the correspondence between voltage, resistance, and current in circuits with random walks on graphs.
We will have a competition to solve problems for prizes!