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Its our first meeting! We will be introducing ciphers to the class. Only complete pages 1-4
Handouts: Ciphers Part 1
We wi be continuing past page 4 on our Ciphers worksheet. The goal for this class is to work on our problem solving skills and to try again when our first assumption does not work. (Pages 5-8) (WE DID NOT DO PROBLEM #8)
Handouts: Ciphers Part 2
Today will have have an introduction to Mayan Numbers plus Ken-Ken warm up! We will also be collecting and correcting the Cipher worksheet so make sure your student brings it to class! Homework: Finish the Mayan Numbers worksheet.
We will continue with our lesson on Mayan Numbers and turn in the Mayan Number Part 1 worksheet. For the Mayan Numbers Part 2 worksheet, we did not do number 7.
We wi be learning about the different types of Logic Gates and how to use them. We will also be correcting Mayan Numbers Part 2. Homework: pages 1-17
This is Veteran's Day weekend (a three day weekend) but we will be having class. Today we will be finishing the Logic Gates worksheet! **IF YOUR CHILD MISSED THIS CLASS YOU ARE EXCUSED AS THE AIR QUALITY AND EVACUATIONS LED TO STUDENT ABSENSES.
Today we will be manipulating shapes in our heads and drawing their projections on our papers. This is Part 1. Homework will be announced in class.
No class this weekend because everyone is on Thanksgiving Break!
First Class of the quarter and we will be doing a brand new topic!
We will be practicing Math Kanagroo questions. We will focus on reading the questions fully, strategies find the answer, and practicing to show our work.
Students will be doing an activity and worksheet that involve manipulating shapes to fit them all in the smallest box possible. If your child missed this week, problem #2 sadly cannot be completed without the manipulatives we used in class. Homework is the beginning of problem #3. All students have to do is create all many 7 square shapes as they can.
We will be continuing to practice Math Kangaroo. HOMEWORK: 3rd and 4th grade practice test.. The MK Practice 2 is not homework, please don't have your student complete this at home.
We will be going over the practice test from last week and possibly doing some extra practice problems while discussing strategies for taking the Math Kangaroo exam.
No class this week because of the holiday/three day weekend
Today we will find fake coins in different scenarios using a balance scale.
Handouts: Fake Coins
Today we will be doing a worksheet that allows the students to discover the patterns of even and odd numbers. The warm-up will be Ken-Ken. We will be collecting the Fake Coins worksheet from last week.
Handouts: Evens and Odds
Today we celebrate Pie Day as it is coming up next week! We will be collecting last week's worksheet and correcting a couple of problems for credit.
Today we will be completing a worksheet that consists of word problems and math questions created by the Early Elementary II students! This is the last class before a 2 week break!
We will not have class today. Remember to re-register for Spring Quarter!
We will not have class today. Remember to re-register for Spring Quarter!
Welcome back! Please bring your worksheets from the last time we had class. We will be continuing to go through the problems at all the students created! Homework is to finish at least 25 problems on the worksheet. Reminder to re-register your student for Spring Quarter!
We will be doing a worksheet that introduces nets of cubes to the students
Class canceled due to a lot of students being on Spring Break vacation or celebrating the holiday.