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We will first check homework focusing on harder problems. Then we will solve a warm-up problem, get back to sharing problems, and end up cutting birthday cakes of various shapes.
We will begin to study Roman numerals.
We will continue studying the first handout on Roman numerals. Once finished, we will switch to the second handout.
We will continue to study the Roman Numerals II handout.
Handouts: Quiz 2
We will discuss the ambiguity of Roman numerlas, will learn how to convert decimals to Roman numerals, and will learn writing dates as Roman numerals.
Handouts: handout
We will do some log cutting as a first step in learning topology.
Handouts: handout
We will cut some bagels as a step in learning topology.
Handouts: handout
The utlimate goal of this lesson is to count all the squares on the chessboard, 1 by 1, 2 by 2, 3 by 3, and all the way to 8 by 8.
Handouts: handout
We will figure out ways to always win in a bunch of fun chessboard games.
Handouts: handout
After a warm-up, students will figure out a winnign strategy for a fun chessboard game, called Move a Rook into the Corner. If time remains, students will start learning how to use an ancient computer, called the abacus. This will allow students to better understand the working and advantages of the decimal place-value numeral system currently in use by humanity.
Handouts: handout
We will use the abacus to study decimal place-value numerals.
We will attenpt to finish the abacus handout. If time remains, we will solve extra problems from the next handout.
Handouts: extra handout
Students will first take a quiz on the abacus. Then the class will learn how to use a balance scale for weighing objects and solving math problems.