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Functional Analysis Colloquium
Wednesdays, 4-4:50pm in MS6627, unless otherwise specified) 

Wednesday Oct 4th: Sorin Popa (UCLA):
Constructing AFD subalgebras with prescribed properties in II_1 factors

Wednesday Oct 11th:
March Boedihardjo (UCLA)

Wednesday Oct 18th: Isaac Goldbring (UCI)

Wednesday Oct 25th: Lauren Ruth (UCR)

Wednesday Nov 1st: Rolando de Santiago (UCLA)

Wednesday Nov 8th: Brandon Seward (NYU)

Wednesday Nov 15th: Dan Hoff (UCLA)

Other talks during the 2017-2018 academic year will be given by: Ed Effros, Dima Shlyakhtenko, Dan Hoff,
Rolando De Santiago, Andrew Marks, Mario Lupini, Alekos Kechris, Adrian Ioana, Ben Hayes, Marius Dadarlat, Brandon Seward, Josh Keneda, David Jekel.
List of people visiting us during Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 quarters (tentative): 
Marius Dadarlat; Ben Hayes; Brandon Seward;


Related Programs and Conferences during 2017-2018:

1. Conference in ``von Neumann algebras and measured group theory'', AIM Institute, Jan 28 - Feb 3rd, 2018. 

2. Program in ``Quantitative Linear Algebra'', Institute for Pure and Appled Math (IPAM) at UCLA, March 19-June 15, 2018, 
organized by Alice Guionnet, Assaf Naor, Gilles Pisier, Sorin Popa, Dima Shlyakhtenko, Nikhil Srivastava, Terry Tao, see

with three workshops, scheduled as follows:

WS1  Expected Characetristic Polynomial Techniques and Applications April 9-13

WS2 Approximation Properties in von Neumann algebras and Ergodic Theory April 30 to May 5th

WS3  Random Matrices and Free Probability Theory May 14-18