18.05 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Spring 2007)

Instructor: Igor Pak

Class schedule: 2-139, MWF 10-11

In-class midterms: March 9, April 13, May 11 (all Fridays)

Lectures: the full schedule is available here

Office Hours: 2-390, MW 2-3:30 (extra OH are set before midterms and by appointment).

Final: no final!

F.M. Dekking, C. Kraaikamp, H.P. Lopuhaa, and L.E. Meester, A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Understanding Why and How, Springer, 2005, 488 p.
(should be available in Quantum Books hopefully on sale.)
The datasets for the examples and exercises are available here.

Grading: Home Assignments 40%, Midterms 20% each

Difficulty: This is designed to be an introductory course in Probability and Statistics. Some familiarity with Calculus is assumed (18.01 is a prerequisite).


The course will consist of two main subjects: Probability and Statistics, which divide the material into two roughly equal parts. No computer software will be used or required.

The lectures will follow the book, roughly 2 book chapters per week. There will be a few "handouts", all in the electronic form and posted on this web page.

Important! For those who don't have a book yet - chapter 2 is available from the publisher web site.

Home Assignments:

HA1 is available here.

HA2 is available here. The data, Table 3.

HA3 is available here.

HA4 is available here.

HA5 is available here. The data tables: link, link, and link,

HA6 is available here.

HA7 is canceled (not enough new material).

HA8 is available here.

HA9 is available here.

Collaboration and study groups are encouraged but solutions must be written individually. The only restriction is that the study groups should not have more than 5 people. The students are welcome to use any software package they wish, but no extra credit will be added (or subtracted) for their use. In all cases the solutions have to contain calculations in full.

Solutions: to the home assignments will be available from Stellar secure web site shortly after they are due (if you are in the class and don't have access to the Stellar web site - let me know by email).

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