Omer Ben-Neria

I am a Hedrick postdoc in the Department of Mathematics at UCLA

My research interests lie in set theory, especially forcing with large cardinals and related areas

Office: MS 6156


Address: UCLA Mathematics, BOX 951555, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555


Publications and Preprints

The Structure of the Mitchell order - II, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

The structure of the Mitchell order - I, Israel Journal of Mathematics

(with M.Gitik) On the Splitting Number at Regular Cardinals, The Journal of Symbolic Logic

(with J. Scott Leaning) Disassociated Indiscernibles, Mathematical Logic Quarterly

Forcing Magidor iteration over a core model below  0^P, Archive for Mathematical Logic

(with C.Lambie-Hanson and S.Unger) Diagonal Supercompact Radin forcing

(with S.Unger) Homogeneous Changes in Cofinalities with Applications to HOD

(with S.Garti and Y.Hayut) Weak Prediction Principles

(with M.Gitik) A Model with a Unique Normal Measure on k and 2k = k++ From Optimal Assumptions

Diamonds, Compactness, and Measure Sequences



Spring 2017: Math 115A, Linear Algebra