Omer Ben-Neria

I am a Hedrick postdoc in the Department of Mathematics at UCLA

My research interests lie in set theory, especially forcing with large cardinals and related areas

Office: MS 6156


Address: UCLA Mathematics, BOX 951555, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1555

Publications and Preprints

13. On Singular Stationarity II (tight stationarity and extenders-based methods), submitted [pdf]

12. On Singular Stationarity I (mutual stationarity and ideal-based methods), submitted [pdf]

11. On the powersets of singular cardinals in HOD (with Itay Neeman and Spencer Unger), preprint [pdf]

10. Diamonds, Compactness, and Measure Sequences, submitted [pdf]

9. Weak Prediction Principles (with Shimon Garti and Yair Hayut), submitted [pdf]

8. A Model with a Unique Normal Measure on k and 2^k = k++ from Optimal Assumptions (with Moti Gitik), submitted [pdf]

7. Homogeneous Changes in Cofinalities with Applications to HOD (with Spencer Unger), Journal of Mathematical Logic (2017) [pdf | doi]

6. Diagonal Supercompact Radin forcing (with Chris Lambie-Hanson and Spencer Unger), submitted [pdf]

5. The structure of the Mitchell order - II, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (2015) [pdf | doi]

4. The structure of the Mitchell order - I, Israel Journal of Mathematics (2016) [pdf | doi]

3. On the Splitting Number at Regular Cardinals (with Moti Gitik), The Journal of Symbolic Logic (2015) [pdf | doi]

2. Forcing Magidor iteration over a core model below 0^P Archive for Mathematical Logic (2014) [pdf | doi]

1. Disassociated Indiscernibles (with Jeffery Scott Leaning), Mathematical Logic Quarterly (2014) [pdf | doi]


Fall 2017: Math (135-1) (135-2) Ordinary Differential Equations


Spring 2017: Math 115A, Linear Algebra