Math 285B
M W 1:45-3 PM MS 6221

Uniform distribution in analytic number theory
Professor: W. Duke

The distribution properties of arithmetic objects motivates a big part of analytic number theory. Perhaps the best known example is the study of primes and their distribution in arithmetic progressions. This course will concentrate on a different class of examples, starting with the distribution of quadratic residues and culminating in a proof that CM points are uniformly distributed. A recent application of this to the traces of singular moduli will be given.


  1. Uniform distribution mod 1 and Weyl's criterion
  2. Theorem of Burgess
  3. Subconvexity of L-functions
  4. Siegel's estimate
  5. Distribution of CM points

Prerequisites: Basic working knowledge of number theory.

Texts: Various references will be used, including Iwaniec and Kowalski: Analytic Number Theory.

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