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Frequently asked questions

Who? : Nivedita Bhaskhar
Come again? : Call me N
What? : MATH 61, Discrete structures (Lecture I)
When? : Lectures on MWF 10:00-10:50 A.M
Where? : HUMANTS A51
What about discussion sessions and TAs? : The following table lists the details of your discussion sessions and TAs. The office hours of the TAs will be announced by them in their classes.
Jeremy Brightbill 1A: DODD 170 Tuesday 10:00-10:50AM
Office hours : TBA 1B: MS 5138 Thursday 10:00-10:50AM
Kyutae Han 1C: BOELTER 9436 Tuesday 10:00-10:50AM
Office hours : TBA 1D: MS 6229 Thursday 10:00-10:50AM
Alex Mennen 1E: HUMANTS A51 Tuesday 10:00-10:50AM
Office hours : TBA 1F: FRANZ 2258A Thursday 10:00-10:50AM
Which book do we follow? : R. Johnsonbaugh, Discrete Mathematics 7th Edition, Prentice-Hall
What I have other questions? : We will be using Piazza's discussion forums. So please post all your questions, mathematical/logistical unless the questions are confidential
Where is the class Piazza page? : We are at https://piazza.com/ucla/winter2017/math611/home
Can I email you nevertheless? : Yes. My id is nbhaskh AT math DOT ucla DOT edu (But please send short emails and not essays)
Do you check email at odd hours? : Yes, on MWF. Emails sent on Tue/Thu/weekends will probably get a delayed response
I don't. Can I drop by your office instead? : Yes, but I may not be around all the time
You'll be there sometime, right? : Mon 3-4 PM and Wed 11-12 noon
Where is your office? : MS 6310

What are we learning?

You can check out the syllabus. The less than 140 character synopsis is:

Induction, sets, functions, relations, recurrences, graphs and lots of counting (in multiple ways)

A, B, C, D, E or F

You have to get through about 8 or 9 homework assignments (weekly!), 2 midterms and a final examination. The final will be cumulative, but with more emphasis on the material taught in the later part of the quarter. You will each be awarded a numerical score based on the higher of the following two schemes:

Scheme I Scheme II
Homework 15 % 15 %
Midterm I & II 25 % each 30 % (best of two)
Final 35 % 55 %

The resulting numerical score will be converted to a letter grade based on class ranking following departmental guidelines. Roughly 28% of the class will get As, 35% of the class will get Bs and 28% will gets Cs. There are no extra credit options. All scores will be recorded in MyUCLA, which you are asked to check from time to time to ensure there are no oversights.

More about homework

A homework set will be assigned to you each Wednesday at the beginning of class which will be due exactly one week later (i.e. by the next Wednesday, 10:00 AM). It will consist of practice problems (which will not count towards the grade) and mandatory problems (which will count towards the grade). Amongst the mandatory problems, selected problems chosen by the instructor will be graded. Late submissions will not be accepted and you will get a score of zero for such work. However the lowest two homework scores will be dropped while calculating your grade.

Your name must be clearly displayed in the top right corner and be stapled if there are multiple pages. If your TA has difficulty in reading your answers, he/she will give you a score of zero, so please ensure you write legibly and neatly. You can work together (in groups of less than five), but please write up the solutions on your own. Also indicate the members in your homework group.

Grading disputes

If you feel that a mistake was made in grading your homework or that these scores have been incorrectly inputted into MyUCLA, bring it to the attention of your TAs within 14 days of the due date of the homework. If you feel that a mistake was made in grading your exams or that your exam scores have been incorrectly inputted into MyUCLA, please ask me (not your TA!) within 14 days of the exam date.

Any complaints received later will not be considered. Be aware that a re-grade means that your test will be graded from scratch, and it is entirely possible that you will receive a lower score than originally given, if I decide that the original grade was too high.

Asking (the right) questions in Piazza

To sign up, please follow the link -- https://piazza.com/ucla/winter2017/math611.

You are encouraged to use the discussion forum in Piazza to ask both the mathematical and admin questions. This avoids repeat questions and will probably get quicker responses. Try not to email me unless you feel the question is confidential and requires a non-public answer. While asking math questions, ensure you are including all the relevant information in the question. (For instance, do not simply refer to Question X in HW Y but state what the problem is)

Exam dates

Midterm I Jan 30 10:00-10:50 A.M
Midterm II Feb 27 10:00-10:50 A.M
Final March 20 11:30 A.M-2:30 P.M

Tell me now, so I know : The Plan

We will broadly follow the recommended schedule. However there might be changes depending on the pace of our class.

The Unchangeables

Compulsory Conduct-Codes

Class logs, tests, solutions, and the oxford comma


Tutorial sessions on M-Th from 9 A.M-3 P.M at the Student Math Centre (SMC) in MS 3974.

Parting words of wisdom, if any ?

Don't Panic