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Frequently asked questions

Who? : Nivedita Bhaskhar
Come again? : Call me N
What? : MATH 110A, Algebra
When? : Lectures on MWR 1:00-2:50 P.M and discussion sessions on T 1:00-2:50 P.M
Where? : BOELTER 2760
Any prerequisites? : You need to have taken MATH 115A
Which book do we follow? : Hungerford, Abstract Algebra - An Introduction, 3rd Ed., Brooks Col. (Chapters 1-6)
What is your email address? : My id is nbhaskh AT math DOT ucla DOT edu
Do you check email at odd hours? : Yes, on M-R. Emails sent on Friday/weekends will get a delayed response. (But please send short emails and not essays)
I don't. Can I drop by your office instead? : Yes, but I may not be around all the time
You'll be there sometime, right? : (Tentative) Office hours : M 3:30 - 4:30 PM or W 10 - 10:50 AM
Where is your office? : MS 6310
Do we have a TA? : Yup. Robert Housden will head the discussion sessions on Tuesdays. His office hours will be updated soon
So really, what's the point of learning about integers and all that? : Calvin's dad has an answer to that

What are we learning?

You can check out the syllabus. The less than 140 character synopsis is :

Rings, morphisms, integral domains, polynomial domains, unique factorization, ideals to find out exactly how 'abstract' Algebra can get.

A, B, C, D, E or F

You have to get through 4 homework assignments, 2 quizzes, 1 midterm and a final examination. Grading will be based on the higher of the following two schemes:

Scheme I Scheme II
Homework 10 % 10 %
Quizzes 10 % each 15 % (best of two)
Midterm 30 % 25 %
Final 40 % 50 %

The resulting numerical score will be converted to a letter grade based on class ranking following departmental guidelines. Roughly 27% of the class will get As, 38% of the class will get Bs and 27% will gets Cs unless something surprising happens. There are no extra credit options. All scores will be recorded in MyUCLA, which you are asked to check from time to time to ensure there are no oversights.

More about homework and quizzes

A homework set will be posted to the website each Wednesday at the beginning of class which will be due exactly one week later (i.e. by the next Wednesday, 1:00 PM). You can work together, but write the solutions in your own words, i.e. do NOT turn in word-for-word identical solutions. A sample of the problems will be graded and returned to you. Late submissions will not be accepted and you will get a score of zero for such work. However the lowest homework score will be dropped while calculating your grade.

There will be 2 quizzes (one of which will be held during class hours and one in the discussion session on Tuesday). If you miss a quiz, you get a score of zero for it.

Submitting homework

Grading disputes

If you feel that a mistake was made in grading your homework, quizzes or exams or that your scores have been incorrectly inputted into MyUCLA, bring it to my attention within 10 days from the date of the exam/quiz or due date of the homework. Any complaints received later will not be considered. Be aware that a re-grade means that your test will be graded from scratch, and it is entirely possible that you will receive a lower score than originally given, if I decide that the original grade was too high.

Exam dates

Quiz I July 5 In class
Midterm July 13 In class
Quiz II July 25 In discussion session
Final Aug 3 1:00-2:50 P.M

Tell me now, so I know : The Plan

We will broadly follow the recommended schedule. However there might be changes depending on the pace of our class.

Compulsory Conduct-Codes

Notes, Tests, Solutions, and the oxford comma

Parting words of wisdom, if any ?

Don't Panic