Nick Andersen

The inverse of the Dedekind eta function


  1. Level reciprocity in the twisted second moment of Rankin-Selberg L-functions
    with E. M. Kiral, in preparation.
  2. Shifted polyharmonic Maass forms for PSL(2,Z)
    with J. Lagarias and R. Rhoades, submitted. [arxiv]
  3. A polyharmonic Maass form of depth 3/2 for SL2(Z)
    with S. Ahlgren and D. Samart, submitted. [arxiv]
  4. Images of Maass-Poincare series in the lower half-plane
    with K. Bringmann and L. Rolen, submitted. [arxiv]
  5. Vector-valued modular forms and the seventh order mock theta functions
    Number Theory: In Honor of Krisha Alladi's 60th birthday, to appear. [pdf]
  6. Vector-valued modular forms and the mock theta conjectures
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  7. Kloosterman sums and Maass cusp forms of half integral weight for the modular group
    with S. Ahlgren, IMRN, to appear. [arxiv]
  8. Algebraic and transcendental formulas for the smallest parts function
    with S. Ahlgren, Adv. Math. 289 (2016) 411-437. [arxiv] [journal]
  9. Singular invariants and coefficients of weak harmonic Maass forms of weight 5/2
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  10. Periods of the j-function along infinite geodesics and mock modular forms
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  17. Divisibility properties of coefficients of level p modular functions for genus zero primes
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If you would like to see my thesis, here it is, but I recommend that you look at the individual papers instead (8, 9, 11, and 12 above).

Awards and Honors