Nick Andersen

The inverse of the Dedekind eta function


  1. Modular invariants for real quadratic fields and Kloosterman sums
    with W. Duke, in preparation.
  2. Level reciprocity in the twisted second moment of Rankin-Selberg L-functions
    with E. M. Kiral, in preparation.
  3. Shifted polyharmonic Maass forms for PSL(2,Z)
    with J. Lagarias and R. Rhoades, submitted. [arxiv]
  4. A polyharmonic Maass form of depth 3/2 for SL2(Z)
    with S. Ahlgren and D. Samart, submitted. [arxiv]
  5. Images of Maass-Poincare series in the lower half-plane
    with K. Bringmann and L. Rolen, submitted. [arxiv]
  6. Vector-valued modular forms and the seventh order mock theta functions
    Number Theory: In Honor of Krishna Alladi's 60th birthday, to appear. [pdf]
  7. Vector-valued modular forms and the mock theta conjectures
    Res. Number Theory (2016) 2:32. [arxiv] [journal]
  8. Kloosterman sums and Maass cusp forms of half integral weight for the modular group
    with S. Ahlgren, Int. Math. Res. Notices, rnw234 (2016), 1-79. [arxiv] [journal]
  9. Algebraic and transcendental formulas for the smallest parts function
    with S. Ahlgren, Adv. Math. 289 (2016) 411-437. [arxiv] [journal]
  10. Singular invariants and coefficients of weak harmonic Maass forms of weight 5/2
    Forum Math., to appear. [arxiv] [journal]
  11. Periods of the j-function along infinite geodesics and mock modular forms
    Bull. Lond. Math. Soc. 47 (2015), 407-415. [arxiv] [journal]
  12. Euler-like recurrences for smallest parts functions
    with S. Ahlgren, Ramanujan J. 36 (2015), special issue in memory of Basil Gordon, 237-248. [arxiv] [journal]
  13. Weak harmonic Maass forms of weight 5/2 and a mock modular form for the partition function
    with S. Ahlgren, Res. Number Theory (2015) 1:10. [arxiv] [journal]
  14. Classification of congruences for mock theta functions and weakly holomorphic modular forms
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  15. Hecke grids and congruences for weakly holomorphic modular forms
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  16. Effective congruences for mock theta functions
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  17. Hecke-type congruences for two smallest parts functions
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  18. Divisibility properties of coefficients of level p modular functions for genus zero primes
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If you would like to see my thesis, here it is, but I recommend that you look at the individual papers instead (8, 9, 11, and 12 above).

Awards and Honors