Math 31B [Fall 2016]
Integration and Infinite Series

Course Page
Nick Andersen
nandersen [at] math [dot] ucla [dot] edu
MS 6175
Office Hours
Monday 2:30 — 4:00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 — 11:00 am

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  • Homework 1 is due Friday, 30 September, 2016

Lecture 1
MWF 8:00 — 8:50 AM [147 Dodd Hall]
[A] Xuchen Han T Rolfe 3116
[B] Xuchen Han R MS 5127
[C] Stephanie Lewkiewicz T Boelter 9436
[D] Stephanie Lewkiewicz R Boelter 5273
[E] Andrew Wong T Royce 156
[F] Andrew Wong R Boelter 5436
Lecture 4
MWF 1:00 — 1:50 PM [1178 Franz Hall]
[A] Eric Auld T MS 5127
[B] Eric Auld R MS 6229
[C] Jean-Michel Maldague T Royce 150
[D] Jean-Michel Maldague R Royce 150
[E] Josh Keneda T Boelter 5264
[F] Josh Keneda R Boelter 5264
TA Office Hours
M Andrew 12-1p [MS 6118]
T Xuchen 1-2p [MS 2951]
W Josh 2-3p [MS 2951] Eric 2-4p [MS 3931]
R Stephanie 9-10a [MS 6146] Jean-Michel 12-1p [MS 2963] Xuchen 1-2p [MS 2951] Josh 2-3p [MS 2951]

There will be ten homework assignments, collected at the beginning of class each Friday beginning 30 September (with the exception of HW 7 and HW 9, which will be due on Wednesdays). Assignments are posted on Piazza [see Piazza below]. When turning in homework: at the top of the first page, write your name, your section number (e.g. 1D), and your TA's first name (so that we can return graded homework in discussion sections).
No late homework will be accepted. However, the lowest two homework scores will be dropped.
Feel free to work in groups on the homework assignments, but each person should write up their solutions individually. Homework will be checked for completeness [50% of the total grade] and a few questions will be graded for correctness [50% of the total grade]. Issues with grading of homework must be addressed to your TA within two weeks of the assignment due date.
In addition to homework assignments, I will post active reading assignments on Piazza. You should complete these before your lecture time on the due date.
In your discussion sections each week [T/R], you will work in small groups on worksheets. Worksheets will not be graded, however at least one worksheet problem will appear almost verbatim [i.e. only the constants will be changed] on each exam, including the Final Exam.
For the worksheets to be effective, it is essential that you do your best to work well with your groupmates - try not to go ahead or lag behind. Some days you will understand the material well; on such days you will be greatly benefited by carefully explaining your solutions to your groupmates. Other days, you will require more assistance, and you can rely on your groupmates to return the favor.
There will be two in-class midterms on the following dates:
Monday, 24 October 2016
Monday, 14 November 2016
The final exam will be held:
Saturday, 3 December 2016 [Location TBA]
You must bring your student ID to every exam, including the final exam. Exams are closed book and closed notes. No calculators are allowed. Issues related to grading of exams must be addressed in writing to Nick within two weeks of the exam date. After that time no regrades will be allowed.
There will be no makeup exams, no matter the excuse [see Grades below]. You must take the final exam to receive a passing grade.
I will compute your final score by taking the maximum of the following scores:
10% Best 8 Homeworks + 25% Exam 1 + 25% Exam 2 + 40% Final
10% Best 8 Homeworks + 30% Best Exam + 60% Final
I will then determine letter grade cutoffs based on what UCLA suggests for Math 31B.
Grades will be available online via myUCLA.
You are expected to come to every lecture and every discussion section on time and stay until the end of class. If an illness or other emergency prevents you from attending, then you should get notes from a classmate and check the course home page and/or the piazza home page for announcements and assignments.
The TAs and I will ignore emails of the form "I wasn't in class today, did I miss anything?"
This semester we will be using Piazza for most of our communication. Sign up here. Piazza allows everyone in the class to post questions and answers 24/7 so that the whole class can see them. The TAs and I will mark correct answers as such, and post our own answers if necessary.
Calculus: Single Variable [3rd Edition] Late Transcendentals [amazon link] [UCLA webstore link]
Rogawski and Adams
You do not need to purchase the access code with the textbook. If you purchase an earlier version of the textbook (e.g. 2nd Edition) the exercise numbers will likely be different, so you should check with a friend in the class to make sure you are doing the right homework problems.
Calculators will not be allowed on exams, but you may find one useful for the homeworks. I encourage you to become familiar with wolfram|alpha and use it to check your work. However, you will still be required to write up full solutions to each homework assignment and exam question to receive credit - simply writing down answers [even correct ones] will not suffice!
The Student Math Center is a great place to get free help.
Academic Integrity
Cheating on Exams is not only not allowed, but it is also stupid. If you are caught cheating on an exam, there will be serious consequences which could extend further than this course.

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