Martin Tassy

Postdoctoral Researcher in Mathematics
Dartmouth College


Please note that the versions that appear here may differ from the published version, as some errata have been corrected. The version here is the most updated; the arXiv versions are updated less often.

7. [PDF] A quenched variational pinciple for discrete random maps (with Andrew Krieger and Georg Menz), preprint.
6. [PDF] Asymptotics for the number of standard tableaux and weighted lozenge tilings (with Alejandro morales and Igor Pak), preprint.
5. [PDF] Kirszbraun-type theorems for graphs (with Nishant Chandgotia and Igor Pak), preprint.
4. [PDF] A variational pinciple for a non-integrable model (with Georg Menz), submitted.
3. [PDF] Fast domino tileability (with Igor Pak and Adam Sheffer), Discrete and Computational Geometry. Volume 56 Number 2.
2. [PDF] Tiling with small tiles (with Anne Kenyon), submitted.
1. [PDF] Random interlacements for Galton-Watson trees Electronic Communications in Probability (15) (2010), 562-571.


Ph.D Thesis


  • [Slides] Variational principles for discrete maps
  • [Slides] Height functions and fast tileability