Math 31B Fall 2017
Homework Assignments

You write your homework with a pen or pencil, and paper. You put your name, discussion, and UID on it, and turn it in at the start of class, on the due date, in piles organized by discussion. Stapling it is a good idea, if you want full credit. Update: half points if your homework is not stapled; sorry; it's too cumbersome for the grader otherwise. NO late homework will be accepted, but the two lowest homework scores will be dropped. You are allowed to work in groups on the homework, but ultimately you are expected to be responsible for writing up your homework (and, of course, for understanding it). Further, the homeworks should be neatly written and legible. You can lose points for the homework being poorly organized, illegible, and, of course, for having incorrect answers and working.

Problems which are intended for discussion have a ' next to them.


Homework 1 - Due Friday, October 6

Homework 2 - Due Wednesday, October 11

Homework 3 - Due Wednesday, October 18

Homework 4 - Due Friday, October 27 (but you should do it before the midterm)

Homework 5 - Due Wednesday, November 1

Homework 6 - Due Wednesday, November 8

Homework 7 - Due Friday, November 17

Homework 8 - Due Monday, November 27 (but you could make your Thanksgiving better by getting it done beforehand)

Homework 9 - Due Friday, December 8

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